Thursday, April 12, 2012

LOTS of new songs~!

         So, I just uploaded 5 new songs, and I'm uploading another right now! (^_^) All of the solo versions for C-ute's new song, and Erina's new MV. Erina's song wasn't that bad, since I only had to do it once. But, once I did the C-ute song for the 4 time in a row it was really starting to get tedious. But, it was worth it! I got all of the solo versions done and I was planning to do another version of the song like the dance shot- but I'll definitely leave that to a different subtitler to do!

           So please support these songs and my translations! And I hope that I can get to 'Dot Bikini' by S/mileage very soon! I'm guessing that it should be up in a week or two- at the most!

Airi Ver.

Mai Ver.

Maimi Ver.

Saki Ver.

Okai Ver.

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