Wednesday, April 4, 2012


              So sorry for the lack of updates Minna-san~! Spring Break is coming up for me very soon and I've been having testing like crazy the last few weeks~! >.< But if you did check out my channel at all recently then you would see that I am still posting videos! :D Since there isn't any new MV's or PV's out right now I've been working on old MM songs. Like Maji Desu Ka? Ska!, that should be up in a few days(: And I am working on adding the karaoke effect for my videos so I can bring up the over all quality on my videos, so it does take a longer to make the videos now- but it does add up right? (^_^) My most recent has a pretty good karaoke effect but it isn't a Hello! Project song, it's just a random Anime song from Hetalia because I got it as a request form a good friend(: And for the people who do send me requests but I'm unable to do it, it's not because I don't like you! T-T Copyright's and I just don't rally get along most of the time with those videos. Like AKB songs, they are devious. >.< I tried up upload one of their songs but when I automatically set it up on 'Public' it got blocked Worldwide.

              But beside of all of that, the new MV for S/mileage should be coming out soon!! I'm really excited for that since I already memorized that song for listening to it over and over again! S/mileage is one of my favorite groups right next to Buono! and their new single is flawless! Has variety for solos and a over-all great beat and catchy lyrics! And I cannot wait at all to subtitle that!^^ And I have over-all very high exceptions for the MV!

           So as a conclusion, keep checking up on my youtube channel since I do post more updates there. But I do plan on posting more on my Blog now that testing is over and the east part of school is coming up! That's all for now Minna-san, I'll keep you guys posted!! (^_^)

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