Thursday, June 14, 2012

I got a new (better) blog!

After a long time of trying with blogspot, it just isn't working with me! So, I made a brand new blog- with wordpress~! :D So please check it out! It's much better. (In my opinion)
Thank you~! (^_^)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tanaka reina is going blonde?!?!?!

       Okay, so I know that I haven't had much activity in a while but I've decided to go full out and actually start reviewing stuff and keeping updates on H!P! I'm starting with this: Tanaka's new hair colour. If you look closely at Musume's past You'll see that MM has a pattern of graduating members dying their hair blonde right before they leave. so, will Reina be leaving soon? I know that there's always those fans where they'll be all like: 'OMG! I am NOT going to be a fan when Gaki/Reina (Or any other member) leaves!' So, I'm sort of expecting the 'Life Long Rina Fans' to react like that. Even though the Gaki version of those fan really do get on my nerves. I'm more sad about Aika leaving. I really won't miss Gaki that much, if some people just can't handle a member leaving MM then MM just isn't a group for them. Maybe fan like that could just go to AKB? Anyways, back to Reina. I will be pretty sad to see her leave......she's my favorite out of that Gen.! But, like I said before there's always that time where one of your favorite will leave MM, it just gives you the chance to find another great member with an equally awesome voice! (My personal choice for all of the drop-dead Gaki fans is Suzuki Kanon, her voice kind of sounds similar. Kanon's is low just like Gaki, both power voices.) Kanon will probably be my favorite member once Reina leaves. Kudo will be in a close second^^

         I'll make sure to post pictures of Reina with her new hair colour once I find one!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

LOTS of new songs~!

         So, I just uploaded 5 new songs, and I'm uploading another right now! (^_^) All of the solo versions for C-ute's new song, and Erina's new MV. Erina's song wasn't that bad, since I only had to do it once. But, once I did the C-ute song for the 4 time in a row it was really starting to get tedious. But, it was worth it! I got all of the solo versions done and I was planning to do another version of the song like the dance shot- but I'll definitely leave that to a different subtitler to do!

           So please support these songs and my translations! And I hope that I can get to 'Dot Bikini' by S/mileage very soon! I'm guessing that it should be up in a week or two- at the most!

Airi Ver.

Mai Ver.

Maimi Ver.

Saki Ver.

Okai Ver.

Sunday, April 8, 2012



Hello Minna-san! I have something important-ish to tell you guys! Well, I just made a deal with Happyhellox where she gets to use my translations for now on(: I'm still going to be uploading my translations and random H!P MV's. But, I'm not a total expert with Aegisub and Encoding, and I can promise you that she's way better than me! :P So, if you're ever in the mood for something better ;) then just check her out~! She also uploads videos of her own and I highly recommend to check them out! That's all! And I just uploaded a new MM video, you can find it under the 'Morning Musume' category on the title bar!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


              So sorry for the lack of updates Minna-san~! Spring Break is coming up for me very soon and I've been having testing like crazy the last few weeks~! >.< But if you did check out my channel at all recently then you would see that I am still posting videos! :D Since there isn't any new MV's or PV's out right now I've been working on old MM songs. Like Maji Desu Ka? Ska!, that should be up in a few days(: And I am working on adding the karaoke effect for my videos so I can bring up the over all quality on my videos, so it does take a longer to make the videos now- but it does add up right? (^_^) My most recent has a pretty good karaoke effect but it isn't a Hello! Project song, it's just a random Anime song from Hetalia because I got it as a request form a good friend(: And for the people who do send me requests but I'm unable to do it, it's not because I don't like you! T-T Copyright's and I just don't rally get along most of the time with those videos. Like AKB songs, they are devious. >.< I tried up upload one of their songs but when I automatically set it up on 'Public' it got blocked Worldwide.

              But beside of all of that, the new MV for S/mileage should be coming out soon!! I'm really excited for that since I already memorized that song for listening to it over and over again! S/mileage is one of my favorite groups right next to Buono! and their new single is flawless! Has variety for solos and a over-all great beat and catchy lyrics! And I cannot wait at all to subtitle that!^^ And I have over-all very high exceptions for the MV!

           So as a conclusion, keep checking up on my youtube channel since I do post more updates there. But I do plan on posting more on my Blog now that testing is over and the east part of school is coming up! That's all for now Minna-san, I'll keep you guys posted!! (^_^)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yet Another New Song (^_^)

This is the opening song for the 'Berryz x C-ute Concert!'

I own all right to the translation!

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Song!!

New Song! Buono!- Over the Rainbow with English Subtitles