Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tanaka reina is going blonde?!?!?!

       Okay, so I know that I haven't had much activity in a while but I've decided to go full out and actually start reviewing stuff and keeping updates on H!P! I'm starting with this: Tanaka's new hair colour. If you look closely at Musume's past You'll see that MM has a pattern of graduating members dying their hair blonde right before they leave. so, will Reina be leaving soon? I know that there's always those fans where they'll be all like: 'OMG! I am NOT going to be a fan when Gaki/Reina (Or any other member) leaves!' So, I'm sort of expecting the 'Life Long Rina Fans' to react like that. Even though the Gaki version of those fan really do get on my nerves. I'm more sad about Aika leaving. I really won't miss Gaki that much, if some people just can't handle a member leaving MM then MM just isn't a group for them. Maybe fan like that could just go to AKB? Anyways, back to Reina. I will be pretty sad to see her leave......she's my favorite out of that Gen.! But, like I said before there's always that time where one of your favorite will leave MM, it just gives you the chance to find another great member with an equally awesome voice! (My personal choice for all of the drop-dead Gaki fans is Suzuki Kanon, her voice kind of sounds similar. Kanon's is low just like Gaki, both power voices.) Kanon will probably be my favorite member once Reina leaves. Kudo will be in a close second^^

         I'll make sure to post pictures of Reina with her new hair colour once I find one!

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