Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Blog!!

Woo! Haha^^ So this is my new blog! This is really how I'm celebrating my 1st milestone, 50 suscribers! Well, I'm almost there. I've been stuck at 49 and been thinking of what I could do to celebrate, but then it came to me about an hour ago....'how about a blog?' So here I am! I'm going to be doing this on my thoughts about new songs (mainly because in most of the video descriptions I blab on and on about the song/video) and updates for my account! Ex. Video won't upload, what I'm working on and what I what to work on (^_^) So I'm just going to start out this blog with thoughts, my favorite H!P groups in order (I'm not including Kikkawaa or Mano)
  1. Buono!
  2. S/mileage
  3. C-ute
  4. Berryz
  5. Musume
I know that some might find it surprising that Musume is my least favorite, but I mainly go off of not the songs but the members in general. And I love the Buono! member so much^^ So that's why I chose C-ute and Berryz over Musume. Also the reason why I enjoy S/mileage so much right now is their new singles and the new members. My favorite member by far is Meimi! And their new singles are so original! And they are really catchy too(: And one more thing- with C-ute and Berryz, it was hard to place them because I'm in love with Berryz new single but not so much of C-ute's- maybe it'll grow on me soon? But when I came down to it, I enjoyed more C-ute songs than Berryz.

So I'm going to stop babbling on now and end this post(: Bye Bye Bye is trying to upload it now but lately for some reason the audio on my videos have been messing up a lot so that's mainly why I haven't been posting in a while. I tried to upload Campus Life the other other but the same thing happened so it never got up. -Back on topic- I'll try to post on this regularly! Bye Minna-san, daisuki yo! (^_^)

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