Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Renai Hunter MV!

Yay Minn-san!! Musume's new single 'Renai Hunter's MV just came out~! And the first thing that I noticed was how much this song improved from their last single! (Which to me wasn't all that bad, I listen to it a lot but Renai Hunter is definitely better!) Also a miracle- Reina has straight hair! Haha^^ Don't get me wrong, curly was fine but straight is beautiful on her! Also, Reina got more solo lines than I thought she would- maybe a little too much? But back to the MV. The thing that I love the most about it was probably the shots with a few members just laughing together and by far the mag. shots! I'm not sure what's about it but it fit in perfectly and it looked flawless! The dance was good too, but there wasn't really enough of it to say rather or not it was good. But I highly encourage everybody to watch it because it's WELL worth it! Ja ne!

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